SITE MANAGER (based in CHILE, primarily in Santiago)

responsibility for a construction of photovoltaic power plants 


For our projects we have been searching a new colleague to deliver construction & implementation of our new photovoltaic power plants.


You shall be responsible for perfect delivery of our projects in a timely & cost manner:

  • management and control of the plant construction and technology implementation progresses:
    • to assure construction completion and its commissioning
    • to assure solar technology implementation, testing and getting acceptation certificates
  • work progress coordination with counterparties (mostly in Chile)
    • cooperation and communication with internal teams (development, engineering, connection, quality management, logistic – warehouse, financing)
    • project logistics management
    • work-progress regular reporting
    • close cooperation with our quality management team


You will benefit from your strengths and competencies:

  • professional and process knowledge of (photovoltaic) power plant construction and technology implementation as you shall be the one to manage delivery in due manner
  • goal orientation: ability to stay focused and to complete the work
  • project management skills (especially time-management) so that your work life is “from a milestone to another milestone”
  • common sense – flexibility to search optimal solutions: whatever you plan – be ready for “deviations” and use your common sense
  • pro-active & self-driven: do not expect instruction for every step! You have the goal – go, go, go! …& think through what else has to be done!
  • responsibility for delivery: do it unless you finish
  • computer literacy: you will use MS Office as well as “Word” & “Excel” in the work-progress reporting
  • professional communication in English and Spanish
  • art and will to solve all the issues actively
  • ambition and energy to build the new plant and prove the efficiency of the sun!


You may expect: 

  • Great challenge to build up something new (projects are on the table – just to build those!)
  • Lot of responsibility and related decision power
  • Quick implementation of new ideas to help successful completion of our goals
  • Flexible decision making (we have a simple management & organizational structure)
  • Room for individual development – room to prove you do 


If you are interested in this job position, please send your CV to Martina El Kooli: